Saturday, April 28, 2012

Comments from a Pastor

Comments about "What is Communion?" from Pastor Steve Willis (as seen on

Victoria has created a tool which is very helpful for young children. This book fills a void of material available for parents in helping teach their little ones about a very important part of our church life. I would encourage all parents of younger children to use this guide as one way of "(training) a child in the way he should go."

Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter is Here Again

Celebrating the resurrection of our Lord is once again on the horizon. "What is Communion?" would make a great gift for those you love during this special time of year. Click on the WHERE TO PURCHASE tab above for various options to choose from.

Have a blessed Easter/Resurrection Sunday!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Interviewed by Mukkove Johnson

Yesterday, Mukkove Johnson, my fellow Christian children's book author, interviewed me on her Facebook page, and posted it on her blog. Feel free to check it out by clicking HERE.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Comments From Some Who Have Read the Book

June 2009 - Rene N:  My copy of your book arrived yesterday. I love it. For starters, Lynn and I will use it for children’s church. You covered everything. Thanks for the blessing. You had a special knack for the well placed sentences. I especially liked the way you mentioned that the lamb sacrifice made people very sad. And you did the same with Jesus' death. Sometimes that gets left out of the explanation of the gospel.

June 2009 - Victor V:  I have read it to [my son] at bed time, and thought it explained what it was, and laid out the plan of salvation really well. It's a great book, Vicky. I plan to read it over again to him in hopes that the message will take hold, and help leading him to Christ.

June 2009 - Rachel P:  Vicky, we LOVE the book....we've read it 3 times and it went along so perfectly with what we've been talking to [our son] about this past week. We were thrilled when last night.............drum roll please............he asked Christ to be Lord of his life and joined the FAMILY of GOD!!!!!

September 2009 - Judy W. Bates (The Bargainomics Lady):  Vicky, I read your communion book and think it's adorably simple and easy to understand. What a blessing it will be to parents and grandparents who want to help their little ones understand communion.